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by Gianluca Isaia

16 FEB 2017

The #ISAIA60th Anniversary

by Gianluca Isaia

Vabbuò, c’aggia fà? I must confess, when we shoot our advertising campaigns I have the best time. Honestly, I feel like a kid again. I have always enjoyed being on a photo shoot and getting involved.

The fun part of the process from concept to creation, is collaborating imaginative ideas to effectively tell ISAIA’s story. The results are visually stimulating forms of communication that excite and engage us. The advertising campaigns are always tied to the places I feel a part of and love the most. Whether we are in Napoli or New York City, I always have an emotional bond to the locations we choose. “L’aggia dicere n’ata vòta.” I feel at home there.

The setting for the new advertising campaign was chosen for a very special celebration – the sixtieth anniversary of the brand. It could only be set in Capri. This world-renowned island is a place I hold so dear to my heart. It possesses traditional roots while maintaining a constant desire for innovation. Just to clarify, ISAIA is turning sixty years young -- not me! The brand was born in 1957, which was a pivotal year for Italian creativity. This was also the same year the iconic FIAT 500 was revealed. In Italy, this car is known as ‘Topolino’ (Mickey Mouse in Italian).

The famous Carosello commercials also began in 1957 and those of us who were old enough at the time still remember the Carosello Series back when TV was broadcast in black and white. It was that same year, Palazzo Reale and Capodimonte in Napoli first opened their doors to the public after a lengthy renovation - transforming the historical interior structures into museums. These palaces are where the Bourbon and later, the Savoy monarchs, lived after the unification of Italy in the 19th century.

The sixtieth anniversary campaign expresses the dynamics and strength of the brand’s identity while also communicating its solid roots and continuous creative transformation. By utilizing the rocky terrain, which is repeatedly battered by the wind and sun, the image demonstrates the unstoppable force of the brand and its vibrant, unexpected nature, reflected in the ocean surrounding the island of Capri.

My idea of the ‘ISAIA Man’ is one of any age, energetic and joyful. He belongs to the constantly changing international scene, ‘C’aggia dicere,’ just like me.

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